Getting a Sugar Daddy to help with college expenses
Going to school is stressful enough, never mind balancing two or three part-time jobs on top of rigorous study session and solo dates at the library. Scholarships can’t cover everything and the competition for funding is steep. However, a Sugar Daddy, like those mature and wealthy men found on, can help a girl get through college with a little bit of financial support. 

 The most non-negotiable and expensive part of college is the tuition. With university fees and tuition constantly on the rise, an education can run upwards of $40,000 a year – a number no student can contend with. Sugar Daddies can help their Sugar Babies to pay this off in a timely manner – and even help them avoid loans. Upon graduation, a Sugar Baby is ahead of the debt-saturated pack, and ready to conquer her goals. 

College housing is never comfortable. The university gives its students a tiny bed in a shoe-box-sized room that along with a complete stranger whose inconsistent schedule and loud friends can keep a girl from getting any work done. Standard college living provides no room for the simple creature comforts and physical space for serenity. A Sugar Daddy, however, can get a girl off campus, into housing that is better suited to her needs, her bookshelf and her lifestyle. Moreover, she will assume her independence by not having to share a room with a pesky roommate. 

Ramen noodles and Rubinoff are the staples of a typical student diet, with the frequent free pizza ordered by professors and college clubs. Eating unbalanced meals at odd hours render the dreaded Freshman Fifteen a reality. But Sugar Babies can toss away those packets of microwavable macaroni and cheese in exchange for organic fruits and vegetables as provided by their Sugar Daddies. After all, a Sugar Daddy needs his arm candy to look good for high profile weekend appearances. 

 Aside from the text-book knowledge a girl gains at college is the fun she has on the weekends. Frat Row, however, is dirty and dangerous and no young woman of class and promise should engage in the Brothers’ debauchery. Instead, it’s better to ditch the meat market and upgrade for VIP access to clubs on the weekends. The best way to get into these clubs is naturally with a dapper Sugar Daddy who has the sway to get an under-aged girl a flute of champagne. 

The same goes for Spring Break: no girl would ever go to the over-crowded beaches of dirty Cancún when she can go to a secluded, ritzy and clean destination for rejuvenation and plenty of Vitamin D before finals begin. A Sugar Daddy recognizes the needs of his girl and will whisk her away to a Costa Rican Eco-village where she can study real-life flora and fauna up close for her exam in Bio 101 the following week. 

 For many students, traveling is a pipe dream. An overseas program is too expensive and out-of-pocket round trip airfare is impossible for the typical student to come up with. However, a Sugar Baby can surely pack her bags and her books to jet-set to Paris, Barcelona or Rome. Even then, she will not have to navigate foreign cities alone; her Sugar Daddy has been there and will make frequent trips to check in on her. 

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